A Local In Queenstown

Apologies for being a bit late on this post, but I’ve been caught into the full swing of trying to establish myself in Queenstown for the last while. There have been a few speedbumps in my time in Queenstown so far. While some people may see these speedbumps as an obstacle, I just see them as a chance to catch some air and enjoy the ride (though admittedly have a bit of a rough landing).

I came down to Queenstown on a lead from a recruitment agency to work at a call center. It turns out that the call center is pretty much all that the recruitment agency does, and that it’s definitely not a place that I enjoy working. I have a whole new respect for telemarketers now after having been one for a few days. I’m fairly certain that all the nice people in the world have been taken off the telemarketing lists, and only the cruel and horrible people in this world are left on them to torment the poor souls that have to call them. There was a training period at the call center for a few days that I pushed through, and decided that at the end of that time the job was really not for me. A trial period is, after all, just as much about the potential employee testing the company as it is about the company testing a potential employee. One of the reasons I decided to take a year abroad was to escape the feeling of simply working for the sake of earning a paycheck, so I couldn’t rightly stay at that job knowing it was precisely what I was trying to avoid.

Also, it was a soul-devouring-terror-infested-nest-of-dead-dreams, so yeah there’s that. For those of you who can survive call centers and enjoy your job, I will unceasingly applaud you for as long as you work there.

After the exodus from the call center, I have been searching for another job. I have my CV/resume out to quite a few places and hope to hear back from someone by the end of the week. I was intentional to apply to places that I felt I would truly enjoy working at (which is still a substantial amount of places). I have also been on the hunt for a new place to live, as sometimes this city is so full to bursting that there is nowhere to stay.

On the bright side of this, I have discovered that sleeping on the side of the road is not nearly as bad as I thought! There’s a silver lining in everything I guess?

After checking out three potential places to live, two of them have fallen through. One of them was solely because the housemates got along better with another potential roommate (I guess speaking the same language is a plus), and the other was such a horribly uncomfortable experience that I simply didn’t get back to the people renting the room. As for the last place, it remains to be seen what will happen with it.

Overall, Queenstown is one of the most stunning places I have ever been able to live. Though I’ve only been here a short time, I can already appreciate the atmosphere of the place. There is constantly something going on here. It may be a Saturday morning art market, an impromptu concert started by the busking community, or a random fortune teller setting up shop in the town center. One never knows what they will find in Queenstown, but they can be sure it will be interesting and unexpected.

As I continue to search for a job that won’t destroy me and a place to sleep that isn’t the bushes on the outside of town, I can’t help but feel that all these initial speedbumps in Queenstown will eventually lead me to have one of my best experiences yet. I have made plenty of friends here, backpackers and locals alike, and feel I am finally starting to become a more familiar face in this place. I now have actual answers when someone asks me “as a local here, what would you say about…” and no longer have to wander aimlessly through the alleys of the city to find the good places to eat.

Queenstown has been a bit of a rough start for me, but it’s also been one of the best times I’ve had in New Zealand so far. I’m constantly learning about myself and how I deal with stress, and am incredibly grateful for the difficulties that I have been faced with since I’ve been here. This trip has been a long string of difficulties, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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